Typical products

A trip to the Sorrento Peninsula does not mean only to discover unique landscapes, wonderful villages that sit on cliffs above sea level, the crystal clear waters and the rich mysteries to be discovered, it is also a true immersion into a world of incredible flavors. You'll be able to discover dishes that are simple but rich in taste from these typical Mediterranean cuisine dishes that use local products which gives more intense flavor that will be unforgettable.

The coastal area offers numerous recipes based on fish and we have to admit that this cuisine from the mainland is typical and a truly exceptional cuisine with stronger and more pungent flavors. All dishes are cooked and seasoned with olive oil of Sorrento, from specially selected olives from the territory which are cold pressed and are accompanied by the wines of these regions, wines made from the best grapes. Among the most important ingredients of these recipes are tomatoes, peppers and zucchini, fruits and vegetables that can excellently grow in these areas thanks to stable temperatures all year round, and to the sun kissing this earth every month, not only in the summer.

Thanks to this exceptional climate, citrus fruits can grow undisturbed, almost without any assistance on a mans' behalf, to treat them. The orange and lemon trees dot the landscape and offer a unique scent to the towns that you will find surrounding the Sorrentine Peninsula. You must taste the jam made from orange and lemon and do not forget to drink the Limoncello as digestive after a meal, a liquor made with lemons from Sorrento which has become known all over the world.

All these products are born from the love for the land and for the most ancient traditions, products which are still made just like in the past, with recipes handed down from generation to generation. When tasting all these flavors it is not just a culinary journey, it is a true cultural journey, one way to find out all the true flavors of this land, the history, the tradition, a way to discover the true spirit of Southern Italy and all those who live here.

You'll love these flavors, you'll love this land that is kissed by the sun.