PayPal Payments

PayPal is the simplest and safest system to purchase on our web site, we in fact do not make transactions on our site either conserve your credit card numbers for security reasons.

PayPal, company unit of eBay big group, allows all the Companies or private persons with an e-mail address to send or receive payments on-line.

PayPal payments transactions are safe and profitable when you deal with a purchase on internet. For more info please visit How it works:after selecting your products follow all the other steps of the purchasing process and at last you will be sent to the PayPal payment system to finish your transaction by credit card. All personal details will be exclusively handled by PayPal server and further more protected and warded by an efficient electronic protection system. To empower the privacy of your credit card and bank account numbers we do not link directly PayPal firewall servers to the Internet. N.B. :To pay by credit card does not necessarily require a PayPal account.

Bank transfer Payments

Transfers can be done from any European countries(U.E). We can proceed with your purchase request after receiving a copy of your bank transfer order. If you wish to pay by Bank Transfer you have to simply select this option during the purchasing process(Bonifico Bancario-Bank Transfer).Confirm it and stamp your order if possible.

Bank Transfer to:

Azienda Fattoria Terranova Di Ruoppo Luigi
Unicredit Bank
ABI: 02008
CAB: 40261
C/C: 000401409050
IBAN: IT 87 T 02008 40261 000401409050