Preserve Italian traditions

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This project wants to spark your sensitivity in this difficult moment:

By adopting a tree you will help us safeguard and protect the peasant culture of our territory.

Bring a piece of the Sorrento Coast into your home with the flavors and emotions of Terranova!!!



Thanks to our project, preserve Italian traditions, everyone will have the opportunity of supporting our farmhouse Fattoria Terranova, based on Sorrento/Amalfi Coast, literally “adopting” an olive tree or lemon grove or a vineyard.

The “adoptions” will have different costs and we’ll give to you the right of receiving straight to your place a box containing our local products (limoncello, olive oil, wine, marmalade, etc…), so you could enjoy at home our locally grown products of Fattoria Terranova based on the Sorrento/Amalfi Coast.


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Preserve Italian traditions
 270,00 450,00