Our farm

The products of Fattoria Terranova are not common, but the sweet return of many years of hard work and devotion on a agricultural fund that has centuries of history behind it.

It was Queen Joanna of Anjou, in the fifteenth century to grant these lands to the family Correale, who took possession of employing different families of Sorrento.

More than five centuries later, Claudio Ruoppo, a descendant of one of these families, build up his farm and with the mother nature fertility on his side was able to offer products which taste is so uniquely intense.

To support him on this heart-project there is his wife Olga and children Luigi, Rossella, Pia, Francesca, Roberto and Chiara, who take care of all the details concerning the organization of the company.

The typical products of the farm, which stretches along six acres of land , are increasingly grown and processed in these lands, a guarantee of goodness and genuineness.

Fattoria Terranova products can be purchased in our store centrally located in Piazza Tasso in the heart of Sorrento, but why limit the tasting of such kindness only to those who can go to the place?

That’s why this project was born, the e-commerce project, to give way at all to delight the palate with wonderful delicacies.

It starts, of course, from the liquor, the pride of Sorrento, like limoncello, nocino, finocchietto and several others, then move on to cream liquors like Melon, Coffee, Pistachio to the citrus marmalades of the Coast.

Very particular and refined is the production of flavored olive oil with chilly, lemon, oregano , and with the essence of several other spices. These oils are ideal to give a different twist to the classic dishes of the local tradition .

Aware of our forces and the goodness of our products, at the Fattoria Terranova are organized many activities that will bring our guests early in the production processes of the farm.

Our guests can see the crops, plants, taste olive oil, mozzarella and many other goods.

Cooking classes , wine tasting, cultivation of roses and a course to learn how to make authentic Neapolitan pizza are further activities that involve our guests.

Those listed are just some of the delicious products that you will find on Fattoria Terranova; we invite you, therefore, to scroll through the pages and let yourselves be enthralled by purely biological products, with an unmistakable taste.The taste of the Sorrento Peninsula.