Orange marmelade pie recipe

Orange marmelade pie recipe

Sorrento is the land of citrus fruits. Here they produce the good limoncello (lemon liqueur) that makes your summer evenings and your parties so joyful. And here, in this rich volcanic land, oranges grow with a special flavor. The people here cultivate oranges since the 14th century and they still use an ancient method that

Sorrento lemons

Lemon Sorrento

You say Sorrento and you say lemons: it is as if they were two synonyms, because in fact Sorrento is lemons and limoncello, but it is also just the scent that one feels through its streets.

Sorrento oranges

Sorrento Oranges

Sorrento is a land of citrus fruits, cultivated according to ancient patterns and even Sorrentine oranges deserve attention and fame.

History of limoncello

Limoncello history

Unable to delineate a true story of the Limoncello of Sorrento, contending its’ paternity are in fact not only in Sorrento but also in Amalfi and Capri.