Conchiglioni pasta


Pasta from Gragnano IGP (protected geographical indication), the best quality of Pasta in the world.

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Conchiglioni are a format of pasta that ignites the imagination: in fact they lend themselves to be stuffed with the most appetizing ingredients and then seasoned with a simple tomato sauce, or with a vegetable ragout or still in white with a creamy bechamel sauce.

Conchiglioni Italian Pasta di Gragnano should be cooked al dente – that is, only to the point at which it is still firm, then added to its sauce, where it’s cooked a little more, then served right off the stove.

The Italian Pasta di Gragnano IGP (protected geographical indication) is chewier, nuttier and more rough textured than most supermarket brands.

Product of Italy


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Durum wheat, Water