Pennette pasta


Pasta from Gragnano IGP (protected geographical indication), the best quality of Pasta in the world.

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Special short ad cylindrical shape, oblique cut.

It is a kind of pasta made kneading durum wheat bran and cold water. Slow cold mixture, rounding bronze one-hole wire drawing, slow, static and low temperature drying.

Name’s origin: This shape is the shorter variation of the Penne: traditional shape, which refers to the oblique cut a pennino (feather of pen)

Shape’s origin: Campania

Cooking suggestions: We suggest to taste them with vegetables and pulses (beans, grams and lentils) sauces, fresh tomatoes with oil and basil.

Cooking time 10 minutes.

The Italian Pasta di Gragnano IGP (protected geographical indication) is chewier, nuttier and more rough textured than most supermarket brands.

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Durum wheat, Water