“Neapolitan taralli” Salty ring cookies


Neapolitan taralli (Neapolitan Salty Ring Cookies)

Salty ring cookies handmade with lard and pepper, rich in almonds.

330g   Contains  traces of other nuts


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Ingredients: type 00 wheat flour, almonds, water, lard, sunflower oil, salt, pepper, fresh brewer’s yeast.

How to consume: place near a source of heat for one minute, combine them with a good red wine or a light or dark craft beer.

The rustic Neapolitan tarallo, made of  ‘nzogna (lard), pepper and toasted almonds, is a true delicacy. It can be considered the first popular snack in Naples, a bite that combines the punch of black pepper with the sweetness of almonds, the whole united by lard.

Taralli are offered to celebrate a new home, shared with friends during soccer matches, enjoyed with one’s significant other on the rocky shore, given to guests at parties, taken aboard boats (it’s the very height of yuppiness to eat them accompanied by iced beer or  spumante while out at sea).

It is tradition to eat hot taralli in Mergellina, along Naples’ coast. You buy taralli and beer at the kiosks on the waterfront and sit on the rocks, watch the sunset and while away the evening without a worry.

Be careful, though – the tarallo can be habit-forming. As soon as you taste one, you might have to polish off the whole tray.

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“Neapolitan taralli” Salty ring cookies