Sorrento lemons

You say Sorrento and you say lemons: it is as if they were two synonyms, because in fact Sorrento is lemons and limoncello, but it is also just the scent that one feels through its streets.

The volcanic land of the Sorrento Peninsula produces genuine fruit almost automatically, and citrus fruits are its specialty.

Universally recognized as the best in Europe, Sorrento lemons are the protagonists of taste. You cannot not taste them if you are on holiday in Sorrento!

Sorrento lemons: a story of goodness

In Sorrento, lemons have been cultivated and consumed since Roman times, although it is only since the 16th century that the market has made it a unique and special product.

Over time the way of treating lemons and what is made of them has changed and has improved but the tradition of the cultivation method has never changed.

And it can be seen from the quality that the Sorrentine lemon brought to obtain today the IGP mark (Protected Geographical Indication) to avoid the foreign imitation of these citrus fruits that are the absolute Italian excellence.

How to use the lemons of Sorrento

The lemon in Sorrento is the protagonist of every dish: starting with the fish courses, which are used as a condiment, the same applies to seafood salads or local vegetable salads.

It is customary to treat lemons to obtain wonderful desserts, such as the sponge cake with lemon cream which, in its simplicity, is the most popular dessert in the area.

It is used to make ice cream and lemon sorbet, lemon marmalades, aperitifs and obviously Sorrento limoncello.

In fact, while the juice and the pulp are exploited for all these dishes, the lemon peel is put to soak in alcohol (even for a month) and then filtered the liquid is boiled with sugar and still put to rest for weeks until to get the straw yellow liqueur, sweet and sour enough to make your holiday in Sorrento unforgettable.

And when you taste that unique taste, which you don’t find anywhere else in Italy, remember that to get a surprising result it takes months of work and waiting.

Haste is abolished, here in Sorrento!

The Sorrento lemons are really special

The lemon of Sorrento is as good as the Amalfi one but it is different for a series of particular conditions.

The Sorrentine variety, the “femminello ovale” also known as the “limone di Massa“, has larger dimensions and in fact an oval shape but above all it has a very acidic juice.

As is used for oranges, even lemons grow in somewhat special conditions: the trees are grown under a straw structure (the “pagliariella“) supported by sturdy chestnut wood poles fixed to the ground, so as to repair the plant from adverse weather conditions but without giving up the heat of the sun and water.

The fruits ripen more slowly, without stress and not only a lot of juice is produced, but also a harvest that can last months and is always available for the culinary industry.