Sorrento olive oil

Sorrento is worldwide known for its fish recipes and its timeless limoncello, but not everyone knows about another local treasure, olive oil.

The Sorrentine Peninsula is a seaside and fishermen place, but it also has a fertile land around where olive trees find their perfect habitat.

Why choose Sorrento’s olive oil instead of the oil of Puglia or Liguria?

It is a matter of “land flavours”, because the plants here feed of the volcanic minerals they have around.

The nature of this peninsula has no equal in Italy, you must try it, so come and find out how it all begins.

Where does Sorrento olive oil come from?

This excellent Sorrento oil comes from the land.

Well, that is not news, you may think, but listen carefully because here the “land” is not just any other “land”.

The layers of volcanic rock that are mixed with clods rich in minerals make the hinterland of the Sorrento countryside particular.

Here everything grows (and grows well) thanks to the warm, not muggy and often ventilated climate.

The olive trees had been cultivated here since the time of the Greeks, and the Romans already obtained the oil to offer to the goddess Minerve!

The tradition of olives is therefore very old and handed down for generations, even the experience makes this oil something special.

Characteristics of Sorrento olive oil

The GoQ (Guarantee of Quality) Sorrento olive oil is mainly an extra virgin oil production.

The olives from which it derives are: Ogliarola or Minucciola (65%) mixed with 35% of Rotondella, Frantoi or Leccino.

These olives usually ripen between November and December, maybe two or three weeks earlier sometimes.

However, the collection must be done before the end of December, before the real cold arrives. It is made by hand to better select the quality of the olives, which then undergo a mechanical process only for the elimination of the branches and leaves and for the pressing.

The oil thus obtained has a nice light yellow color, with green shades especially when it is young.

Experts call it “balanced” in the sense that all the flavours of the earth are perfectly mixed in harmony, and you feel very much herbs like rosemary or mint.

At first taste, however, this oil shows strength and a character that you would never suspect: a sweet note fights with the spicy that pinches the throat and makes you cough, but leaves an intense and pleasant flavour in the end.

How to use Sorrento olive oil?

This true gem of Sorrento gastronomy is used on grilled dishes, excellent for roasted fish, it is also good on grilled meat.

You can also use it on grilled vegetables and of course on salads, his “death” (or main use) is of course with lemon or tomato salad.

But you could also taste it simple, dripped on a slice of bread with salt and pepper! If you eventually take a final lemon dessert you will notice how this taste will exalt even more what the oil has left in your mouth. Remember this feeling.

This is the true souvenir of Sorrento!

Benefits and properties of extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is not just a condiment, but a precious ally in everyday life, providing our body with precious nutrients.

EVO is an oil obtained from the first pressing of the olive fruits called drupes.

From the harvest to the extraction of oil, everything must be done meticulously in order to avoid negatively affecting the quality of the oil, which must be well preserved and intact.

What determines the quality of the product is the acidity: the pH of the extra virgin olive oil together with the gustatory and organoleptic parameters, represents the yardstick in the evaluation of the product quality.

Extra virgin olive oil as a World Heritage Site All nutritionists agree that extra virgin olive oil is the ideal condiment thanks to the balance of fats it contains.

It presents mono-unsaturated fatty acids, which are among the most important substances to prevent cardiovascular disorders, while it is poor in saturated fats that cause the increase of cholesterol in the blood and are directly responsible for the occlusion of the arteries, myocardial infarction and arteriosclerosis.

It is rich instead of oleic acid, a mono-unsaturated fat that reduces the levels of bad cholesterol in favor of the good one. The presence of mono-unsaturated fats, make EVO resistant to alterations, which means that it tends not to go bad and to tolerate cooking well, reaching even high temperatures without producing harmful substances. This is why, compared to what has always been supported in the past, it is also perfect for frying foods. Differences with other oils

What makes extra virgin olive oil unique compared to other oils is the presence of polyphenols, natural antioxidants necessary for our health as they protect the incorruptibility of cell membranes, thus providing a defense against the development and formation of tumors, in addition to counteracting memory loss and other alterations of cognitive functions due to aging.

One of the main characteristics of extra virgin olive oil is that it is a natural source of vitamin E, a known antioxidant that promotes the slowing down of cellular aging, as well as protecting bones from decalcification and osteoporosis. Another substance that is found in abundance in EVA is squalene, which, based on the studies carried out, is effective in fighting skin tumors. Indications on the consumption of extra virgin olive oil Even if the extra virgin olive oil has no contraindications, it is necessary to pay attention to: method of preservation, quantity consumed.

Since it is a fairly caloric oil, you should not overdo it with consumption, especially if you want to keep your weight under control.

As for the method of preservation, it should be kept in a dark place away from heat sources and should be consumed maximum within 18 months from the date of production.

Moreover, it tends to oxidize in the air and therefore you should never restore the oil level in a half-empty bottle, but divide the oil into as many bottles as there are liters.

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